Sound Healing is usually offered on a one to one basis, or as group therapy in Sound/Sound and Energy Workshops
The healing consists of the following:

  • Pre recorded relaxation CDs (please see Naked Light for more information on relaxation CDs available for purchase).
  • Voice led relaxation and visualisation. 20 – 30 minute ‘sound-bath’ experience.
  • The individual/group is taken down into a focused, voice led relaxation.
  • This is followed by exposing them to deeply, restful sounds, and a simple visualisation to release stress.
  • Then a 20 minute ‘sound-bath’ experience is received.

These exquisite sounds create a profoundly, peaceful environment, which leaves the mind and body thoroughly relaxed and refreshed.
The sense of immense peace continues to reverberate in the body long after the initial impact of the “sound- bath”, and the healing energy gently re-balances any dis-ease so that stress is immediately lessened.

The “sound-bath” is designed to promote calm and a greater sense of well-being in the recipient, and has no known side effects!
The group experience differs from the individual session, because instead of pre recorded CDs, the group uses plain harmonies, chanting and humming to create a sense of calm, relaxation. The sound is generated internally and echoes within each group member.
The “sound-bath” experience is truly amazing and feels like removing layers of old energy from the body, much like having a luxuriating bath; hence the idea of being bathed in sound.

Immediate Benefits are:

  • Deeper, more refreshing sleep
  • Greater feeling of relaxation in everyday life
  • Ability to remain calm for longer
  • Prolonged sense of inner peace
  • Increased general well-being
  • Suitable for adults and young people
  • No known adverse side effects!