Voice Coaching & Sound Healing for those who use their voice professionally or need to find one.


"Personalised, unique, transformational - and different..."

Hello you....

You’ve found your way to this page, and so you may feel ready for a big change.

Or you may just be curious about what is on offer.

My name is Claudia van Buren. I am a dynamic, intuitive facilitator, mentor and healer based in London, UK. My academic background is a Linguist/Teacher, and I have also been a professional Jazz vocalist for most of my adult life. My eclectic life choices (Vocalist, linguist, translator, cabaret artiste, and traveller) have given me an opportunity to share my life skills and knowledge with others who have had experiences that they cannot usually explain in a rational way.

These are my goals:

To help you to be the best that you can be.
And to empower you to make confident, balanced, decisions at all times.
This is so that you can live your life in a truly fearless, authentic, way.


When I am asked, what do you do? I respond a “Voice Coach”
People immediately associate me with programmes about singing.

They are very surprised to find that there is a difference between a Voice Coach, Vocal Coach, and a Voice (Speech) Therapist.

What's the difference between a Voice Coach, a Vocal Coach, and a Voice (Speech) Therapist?

what kind of people?

I work with all kinds of people individually and in groups, of all ages and walks of life, with all sorts of reasons, professional and personal, to find their voice, their own real sound.

Singers (of any style and range), podcasters or vloggers, actors, rappers, choir leaders, comedians, speakers, voiceover artists, teachers, lecturers, storytellers, campaigners, broadcasters, commentators, poets, narrators, lawyers, Ted Talkers, YouTubers, priests or pastors, tour guides, salespersons, coaches, community leaders as well as bands, drama groups, campaign teams, corporate teams and choirs.


Do you shy away from listening to your recorded voice?
Do you have sometthing to say, but your throat dries up?
Do you wish that you could sing your favourite songs in tune?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you.

Week One is an introduction to how we make sound and use the voice, and will get you breathing more effectively.

By week three you will notice a major difference in the way that you breathe and speak.

At the end of the course, you should be able to speak more clearly and
with greater confidence in all situations.


I believe that working with you should be fun, challenging, enlightening, and ultimately positive. To this end, I use creative exercises/activities, mindfulness techniques, and thought provoking attitudes to gently help you to question a “blocked” mind-set, that may stop you from moving forward in your life.

I understand that each person’s circumstances are unique, and that no two people will respond to me in the same way. Working with you is a privilege, an adventure. and together, we always achieve a positive outcome, that changes your life forever!


Whether I facilitate a Confidence/Self Esteem workshop for adults; a Crystal workshop for younger children; or a Voice Coaching Session for Corporate clients, the process of “healing” or “rebalancing ” is taking place.

My workshops, events and classes are designed a unique, tailored experiences for each group of individuals and their objectives. Please use the contact form at the foot of the page to open the way to a conversation about how I can help you.

“The gate is open, the world is yours to choose, to imagine, to create”

Brian Lee


Sound Healing is usually offered on a one to one basis, or as group therapy in Sound/Sound and Energy Workshops.

Exquisite sounds create a profoundly, peaceful environment, which leaves the mind and body thoroughly relaxed and refreshed.

The sense of immense peace continues to reverberate in the body long after the initial impact of the “sound- bath”, and the healing energy gently re-balances any dis-ease so that stress is immediately lessened.

Immediate Benefits are:

Deeper, more refreshing sleep
Greater feeling of relaxation in everyday life
Ability to remain calm for longer
Prolonged sense of inner peace
Increased general well-being
Suitable for adults and young people
No known adverse side effects!

My Message to you


I specialise in helping you with any confidence, self-esteem issues that you may have using your voice. I also offer coaching, mentoring, and guidance if you are so inclined. Working with me is personalised, unique, transformational, and different! I use mindfulness (awareness techniques that help you become more aware of where you need to create change in your present life). I am a great advocate in creating laughter and joy where possible – I believe that it is always possible, and encourage it at every opportunity.

At some point in life we all need gentle reminders/guidance to help us move from the familiarity of our comfort zone to a slightly more challenging place. After all, life is about making a change, consolidating, and then moving forward? This is where my skills are useful. I help you shift your perspective, so that you can see that there are always other options, even when you cannot think out of the box.

I will work with your present mind-set and galvanise you into moving in a slightly different direction, or even make a leap of faith! Making the choice to change can be exciting and scary at the same time, but that is why you are reading this page. You know intuitively that there is something more – different for your life, and you are ready to take that initial step into another kind of living.

There is no magic wand or formula available, but with hard work, an open mind, and trust you can make realistic changes that will enrich you and give you peace of mind. This new way of being can create new opportunities for you to live your life, fearlessly and fully.

Choose Change!

Love, Claudia